Partition Manager Server software for Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2.

Partition Manager Server 8.1.1

  • Convert NTFS to FAT.
  • Copy Dynamic disk volume.
  • GPT Disk and MBR Disk interconversion.
  • Copy UEFI boot disk.
  • Convert GPT-style Dynamic Disk to Basic.
  • Move Boot/System volume for Dynamic Disk.

Move/Resize Volume

Resize volume
Resize Volume refers to performing extend/shrink/move operations. Under Windows, Disk Management can help you extend non-system partition simple volume and spanned volume but fails to expand or shrink Striped Volume, Mirrored Volume and Raid-5. Disk Management under Windows 7/2008/Vista offers Shrink Volume function which is not included on other operating systems. Hence, Resize Volume function provided by operating system can never meet needs of different users. It is noteworthy that Partition Manager smashed this limitation. By using Partition Manager, you can resize simple volume, resize spanned volume, expand dynamic volume, shrink dynamic volume and move dynamic volume easily no matter it is system volume or non-system volume.

Procedures of Move/Resize volume
Step 1: select and right click the target volume, then click “Move/Resize Volume” from the popup menu:

Step 2: Resize and move volume in the popup window by directly dragging arrows with red circles leftwards or rightwards to expand volume or dragging the volume handle leftwards or rightwards to move volume. Of course, Partition Manager still allows you to enter accurate value in the textboxes below to resize volume and move volume:

Step 3: Click “OK” to finish Move/Resize Volume operation.

If the space of the volume is not enough, you can shrink the free space in other volumes to enlarge the capacity of this volume. In this case, the security of data is ensured. Your data would not be destroyed or missing when extending, shrinking or moving volume. Even more, you can do the Move/Resize Volume operation to system volumes or boot volume especially when the system volume is not enough.

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